Our core competences

As a firm, we specialise in the areas of financial risk management, regulatory and statutory reporting, and financial accounting for both banking book and trading book assets.

Minimising Risk & Optimising Reward

We recognise that the different types of financial risk are the building blocks making up those financial products that are at the heart of our clients’ business. And given today’s financial markets, which are increasingly characterised by the interrelatedness of risk types, we believe in building a team that can help our clients bridge the gaps between product silos and risk disciplines. On that basis, we can offer our clients more comprehensive and consistent advice – as well as the ability to identify and leverage methodological and operational synergies.

What we can do for you

But beyond the methodological and theoretical aspects of our consulting engagements, we are also known for our hands-on, results-orientated approach. Our work typically comprises one or more of the following elements:

  • Feasibility Study
    Pre-studies, cost / benefits analyses and scoping exercises, helping to define strategic requirements and to identify realistic and pragmatic potential solutions.
  • Requirements Analysis
    Business analysis, including the definition and review of business requirements and functional requirements
  • Make or Buy Decisions
    Vendor and package evaluation and selection, often benchmarking external solutions against inhouse solutions
  • Governance
    Definition of risk strategy, policy and appetite as well as organisational frameworks for measuring and managing financial risk. Also, support of regulatory waiver approval processes
  • Process Management
    Mapping, design, analysis and optimisation of complex business processes across functions, products and locations. Workflow design and management, as well as process documentation in the context of regulatory submissions
  • Modelling
    Development and validation of qualitative (e.g., expert judgment-based) and quantitative models for managing credit, market, operational and liquidity risk as well as for measuring valuation adjustments
  • Project Management
    Programme and project planning, definition of programme governance frameworks and hands-on management. Co-ordination of interdisciplinary teams comprising representatives from front-office, risk, finance, regulatory reporting, IT and vendors or other third parties

Why us?

GRCO working closely with our clients

When it comes to the implementation of solutions for risk management, regulatory reporting and financial accounting, you can rest assured that we know very well what we’re doing. We have many years of experience in turning strategic roadmaps into business requirements, and business requirements into practical and pragmatic solutions. What sets us apart, however, is our methodical approach, our functional specialisation and the closeness of our co-operation with clients. And that is also what helps us eliminate project risk.