GRCO partners with IMFU Institute

Management Consultants are not born as such – they are forged by a combination of training and project-based experience. GRCO therefore firmly believes in training our consultants in tried & tested consulting techniques, covering project management (both agile and waterfall), workshop facilitation, data analysis and analytical toolkits, such as BPMN for process and UML for requirements analysis.

In order to ensure a high standard of training for our people, GRCO has entered into a strategic partnership with IMFU Privates Institut für angewandte Methoden der Führung und Unternehmensberatung (or IMFU Institut, for short), which offers bootcamps for business analysts and consultants as well as leadership training for more experienced consulting managers.

As part of this strategic partnership, Hans Radtke, Managing Director of GRCO, has joined the executive board of IMFU Institut and will therefore ensure the quality and practical usefulness of their training programme.